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Do poineering work board the medical opportunity below
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Do poineering work board the medical opportunity below

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Hand in what what roll out greatly to do poineering work board with the medium and small businesses that hands in place greatly board photograph relatively, the biggest difference depends on allowing those who enter a doorsill to lower, this waits for capital support, development urgently to those rapid in small medicine enterprise, it is the thing that beg of raise one's head and look longs for undoubtedly. ” of “ be pregnant with nearly 10 years do poineering work board already there can be no turning back, when can you send? A few days ago, card inspect meets a personage express to do poineering work to the outside board the fastest next year is rolled out.

Do poineering work board basically be to give aid to company of medium and small businesses, new and high technology is mixed grow model the company grows, offer financing service, get used to the need that new economy grows. Aim to support those to be not accorded with temporarily advocate board appear on the market requirement but the medium and small businesses that has tall growing sex again, especially of high-tech enterprise appear on the market financing, also build to exit a mechanism normally for venture capital.

Do poineering work board doorsill setting will decide whether domestic medicine look forward to can greet churchyard of a “ to do poineering work directly board appear on the market wet ” , and British AIM market, Canadian TSX-V market do poineering work board successful experience also can give industry to bring a few enlightenment and draw lessons from. The enterprise of 90% chooses the whole world to appear on the market in native land market, to domestic medicine enterprise, if do poineering work board access is opened, advantage clearly: It is staple market of major medium and small businesses above all still be give priority to with home, it is to appear on the market next cost is only abroad the 1/5 that appear on the market is lower even.

   Rigid index still is put

Current, how much be surely about level of IPO company profit, become the question with the biggest dispute. Traditional banking chooses the standard that serves an object is the determinism index such as flow of company assets measure, cash, profit discharge, but this kind appears on the market the materiality examine and verify of quality may be gone against do poineering work board the market is right do poineering work model the effective play that enterprise hatch breeds a function. In fact a lot of having go qualitative high-tech do poineering work model the company is to be in gain ability to had be notted show mostly, the phase that is put in deficit even, have these dominance features very hard.
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