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How to let venture capital invest the home to have a special liking to you?
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How to let venture capital invest the home to have a special liking to you?

Origin: Author: Stand originallyTime: 2008-10-27Tag: Click: You ever had attended we should like to ask one lets suffer invited entrepreneur people invest the home to covey people the idea that elaborates themselves, but be invested finally people batch the ground is worthless, the idea that says them gets the possibility very little of capital redound, so similar meeting? If do not have, then you may miss good chance —— really the entrepreneur that these conferences are these bosom lofty aspirations and great ideals likely extremely people what understanding is professional investment home people the way of company ” first-rate that the “ tall report that is interested truly leads.

Recently, california software committee invites me to attend their activity that the name is VentureNet south, see nowadays what is the most popular. I was accepted gladly, but the trend that my interest does not depend on nowadays, want look look however those professional investment homes people what is ” of says “ behind the curtain after all? Now, before the earning that shares me, let me first say a few words:

    Each professional investment homes are the most principal small opinion that differs severally a little to what. Right, we emphasize always have some of thing, but our difference may be very big. Accordingly, the opinion that this article represents is this only case that I interview merely. If saying to ensure place of each person that be interviewed, avoid by “ the opinion on public affairs that suggestive ” is someone, all foreword are not adopted cite directly.

The profession that publishs an opinion to the article invests the home to include: Standing trustee Mr DavidCremin of DFJ front, copartner Mr MichaelSong of RusticCanyon, the RobertKibble of partner holding the post of a thing of partner holding the post of a thing Mr BillCollins of PublexVentures and MissionVentures. South JonKraft of chairman of California software committee also published a few distinctive comments and opinion to the article.

So in a company what is just these gentlemen is what see gladly in before agitato spending bill? If have, the fanaticism of “dotcom of 90 time end that what changed them to once was sought be after all ” ?

It is now below the important thing that they say:


What they should search is those entrepreneur that have experience more people, “ ever had gone there, had done same thing ” . The word says again, invest the times that goes up in technical talent body of 19 years old to also do not have complete past, but that child still had better be to must search old bit, the director staff that has rich experience joins his team.
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