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How does concessionary management enterprise attract investment
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How does concessionary management enterprise attract investment

Origin: Author: Stand originallyTime: 2008-10-27Tag: Click: In recent years, concessionary manage as a kind contemporary and current fashion and constituent form are in our country to develop quickly, but capital shortage is become numerous in small concessionary manageEnterprisegreat restrict, how can you just attract the favour of venture capital investment so? The China that held recently is concessionary manage negotiate with venture capital investment on the meeting, our newspaper reporter interviewed vice-chairman of Chinese trade union to install Hui Min.

Introduce internationalization venture capital investment

Ask: Can you deny the introduction does at present concessionary management enterprise attract our country the necessity of venture capital investment and meaning?

An Huimin: Up to by 2006, our country has concessionary management system 2600, Join inInn is close 200 thousand, enclothe 80 many industries and industry condition, it is a whole world the country with concessionary management maximum hierarchy number. Additional, its total capital achieves 300 billion yuan, occupy our country to serve the 40 % above of course of study. But our country is concessionary the capital gross of management existence low problem already became extensive of not tall, management, internationalization the severe refashion that its develop is made an appointment with. The infuse of internationalization venture capital investment is adopted for our country traditional industry not only concessionaryChainOf means extend offer capital support, more depend on managing abroad advancedly legal person of resource of concept, manpower, company to administer structure and advanced concessionary management mode, in introducing Chinese concessionary management in the round. What capital of international of have the aid of comes true is our country not only the ceaseless promotion of dimensions of concessionary management industry, in concessionary management standardization management, internationalization is run, globalization is extended wait for a respect to will produce major positive effect.
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