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Linkedin financing 22.7 million dollar or brew great collaboration with SAP
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Linkedin financing 22.7 million dollar or brew great collaboration with SAP

Origin: Author: Stand originallyTime: 2008-10-27Tag: Click: According toThe United StatesMedia coverage, inFinanceDuring the crisis spreads, website of American white-collar socializationLinkedinWeek 4 announce, obtain 22.7 million dollarVenture capital investment.

This belongs to this website four-wheel (D)Financing, four-wheel financing amount had achieved 75.7 million dollar.

Media judges exposition and argumentation, be in thisEconomyStagnant hour obtains such brushstroke financing, be equal to say investor to Linkedin website pitching a piece of trustful ticket. Additional, this investment may mean Linkedin to be about to greet greatCooperateOpportunity.

Attend the venture capital investment that invests thisOrgnaizationIncludeGao ChengCompany, McGraw-Hill company, SAPWind is cast, company of Bessemer venture capital investment.

The presiding apparitor DanNye of Linkedin website expresses, new financing will enhance website actual strength further, help them continue to roll out innovation to professional userService, let them can be in the website is more effective cooperation.

As a result ofSoftwareTycoon SAP was participated in new round of investment, the BernardLunn of ReadWriteWeb website expresses, linkedin may spread out great collaboration with SAP company, become possibly even " Outlook software " or " Salesforce website " such part, the help advances the plan of online edition software of SAP.

Compare with Facebook and Myspace photograph, the user of Linkedin is not much, but the user basically is professional white-collar, accordinglyAdvertisementAdvocate also very favour Linkedin.