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Mail.com obtains Quadrangle capital wind of 35 million dollar is cast
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Mail.com obtains Quadrangle capital wind of 35 million dollar is cast

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According to foreign media coverage, Mail.com announces now, this company already obtained 35 million dollarInvestment, epicycle invests byQuadrangleCapitalPartners company is gotten cast.

Mail.com expresses, collectCapitalBasically use at content to make, perpendicular website development, buy and group recruit. And case of Luo Sen of Daniel of Quadrangle company controller (DanielRosensweig) expend with Andrew (AndrewFey) will join Mail.com board of directors.

"We welcome Quadrangle company to become us importantCooperateCompanionate, also welcome 2 afore-mentioned board of directorses that join us. " Mail.comCEOJieyipansika (JayPenske) express: "The professional setting of Quadrangle company, IndustryKnowledge and extensive person arteries and veins will make Mail.com benefits a lot, we also will continue to extend oneselfBrand, quicken a companyDevelop. ..

This company competitor includes Gmail and Yahoo mailbox, basically offer special mailbox at presentService, the user exceeds 2 million person, still managing HollywoodLife and OnCars.com website. In addition, mail.com itself also was offerredScience and technology, the news content of the domain such as the car serves.