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Energy resources of Jiangxi brilliant family obtains venture capital investment
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Energy resources of Jiangxi brilliant family obtains venture capital investment of 35 million dollar

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On October 17 evening news, JiangxiBrilliant divisionThe sources of energyLimited company (abbreviation " brilliant family energy resources " ) in was being obtained a few days ago withFund, ShenzhenInnovateInvestmentGroup (say below " Shenzhen innovation is cast " ) , reach IsraelWind is castFund Pitango the 2nd round add up to of 35 million dollarVenture capital investment.

Brilliant family energy resources is (Hong Kong) 栢 fineScience and technologyLimited company is wholy-owned establishHigh-techForeign capitalEnterprise. The monocrystal that main production uses at making photoelectricity solar battery and face plate and polycrystalline silicon piece. The company formed the manufacturing series that is dominant product with solar energy monocrystalline silicon, becomeChinaThe solar energy monocrystalline silicon that provides dimensions most produces one of base, also be the high-tech light that at present Jiangxi saves a when provide dimensions most to be given priority to in order to produce solar energy monocrystalline silicon volt enterprise. Its 2007 productivity 80 million are made of baked clay, predict to will achieve 350 million tile 2008, will achieve 600 million tile 2009.

In with fund the child that is collaboration of group of Shenzhen innovation investment and Israel PNV, headquarters is located in Shenzhen, share Shenzhen innovation to cast the resource of 16 agency of countrywide. Its carry on its shoulder or back in Israel Ciliya still sets an agency, in order to promote the technology between company of Israel company and combination of this fund investment and commerceCooperate. With fund main invest in has the Chinese enterprise that grows a gender in, will raise the value that casts an enterprise by right of advanced technology, grow in order to promote its.

In September the middle ten days of a month, does the patriarch of fund of Israel Pitango venture capital investment reach executive president to cut rice? Ceng Fuhua and Shenzhen city innovation invest Peileisi the group negotiates cooperative matters concerned, knock invest this surely.