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Information of customer of cruel of hotel digital media obtains 30 million first
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Information of customer of cruel of hotel digital media obtains 30 million first-run wind to cast

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Old before, by what divide numerous medium open " cent is numerous change medium times " the new surveyor's pole that ever established advertisement medium course of study, the network of broadcast of floor space liquid crystal that its present as leading role is become for a timeCapitalThe cosset of the market. Nowadays, when greatly small business affairs building already bestrewed liquid crystal screen in the world, medium elite people divide in exploration again numerous the next that changes mediumMode, SuzhouCruel guestInformationMake sadlyChinaHotelCourse of studyNumberMedia platform or the direction that are an extremely rich latent capacity.

Was in know from Liu Qingguang of author of limited company of medium of information of Suzhou cruel customer, president a few days ago, company of media of the innovation that just held water this in May 2007 advertisement already was obtained recently head period 30 million yuan first-runInvestment, a few famousVenture capital investmentThe orgnaization also is contacted to it in succession and expression invests intent. The reporter understands in interview, cruel customer information can attract theseWind is cast"Big wrist " secret weapon, namely inside complete China limits SamSung, 4 stars reach the installation in guest room of hotel of 5 stars class one " phone of cruel guest multimedia " .

Area of garden of industry of state of Yu Su of v/arc be on the throneInternationalScience and technologyThe company headquarters of garden, liu Qingguang revealed this phone to our newspaper reporter. See it and the distinction with common the oldest phone depend on only, deserve to an area amounts to screen of 7 inches feeling type liquid crystal on its face plate, among them left 2/3 area installed many feeling option, it is heaven and earth of glamour of guest room guideline, city, recreational recreation, cate, car to rent respectively, ticket Wu is booked etc; And on the right side of 1/3 area uses as advertisement is broadcasted; Screen most lower part still withheld area of character of a scroll, can show the hotel is important already information, also can show welcoming speech in the light of specific user.

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