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Dream net science and technology obtains innovation to invest wind to cast large
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Dream net science and technology obtains innovation to invest wind to cast large sheet

Origin: Author: Stand originallyTime: 2008-10-27Tag: Click: ToShenzhenown innovationEnterpriseFor, hand in high of the meetingPlatformCan reveal ego not only, can bring good good luck more. Yesterday, reporter from hand in meeting site know high, the city of Shenzhen of own innovation enterprise that key of collect lake area gives aid toDream netScience and technologyDevelopLimited company by mobile dataIndustryApplication is tasted newly draw Shenzhen city innovationInvestmentOf group companyRiskInvestmentLarge sheet. In the meantime, dream net still parts with house of central education with electrical audiovisual aids, ChinaPartial province company, held the strategyCooperateCompanionate autograph makes an appointment with a ceremony. As we have learned, limited company of development of science and technology of net of Shenzhen city dream is engaged in the software company that mobile data technology applies integratedly and company of new and high technology as a major, the company devotes oneself to the innovation research and development of the technical product of wireless application domain for a long time to work. Through development of a few years, dream net science and technology already was the same as the operation business such as telecommunication of UniCom of Chinese shift, China, China to build deep and long-term strategic collaboration relationship, established a piece of terminal that enclothes the whole nationServiceNetwork.

In mobile spot, come from country's biggest investment firm innovation to invest a group (Shenzhen) signed infuse risk with dream net science and technologyCapitalagreement. The reporter understands, this innovation invests a group (Shenzhen) for dream net science and technology the venture capital investment of one-time infuse crosses ten million. Yu Wensheng of general manager of dream net science and technology expresses, theseCapitalBasically apply the research and development of the product and administrative field.