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Case of venture capital investment analyses- - lifelike
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Case of venture capital investment analyses- - lifelike

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Lifelike is a banner interpreterServiceProvider, it translates flow management, IT through conformity, InternetIn coordination, interpreter personnel administration and the language database that are based on knowledge offer translation service.
The company held water 2005, have many 100 employee.

In initiative phase, lifelike needs a seedFundWith development the product is mixed consolidate core group; After product development is finished, lifelike need capital begins business, undertake dilate and strategyBuy.
Because lifelike is a kind brand-newCommerceMode, the market lacks understanding to it.

The person that do poineering work introduces
Mr He Enpei, lifelike is presiding apparitor. Founding before lifelike, mr He is Hong KongDo poineering work boardAppear on the marketThe company hands in big inscription peaceful the author of IT limited company and president. He is engineered and organize research and development two intelligence interpreterSoftware: Oriental express and elegant letter Cat.
Mr He was obtained 1995 China inScience and technologyMaster's degree of university solid electronics.

Hua XingCapitalsolution
Hua Xing capital led the angel to lifelike 2006Investment. After 12 months, successful help firm is achieved from Huaweike and become fund to obtain the investment of 6.5 million dollar the first round, in market promotion process, hua Xing capital locks up target investor be in those is opposite surely demand of this locality market, Information Industry and traditionIndustryOf alternate domainDevelopThe trend has the investor that understands deeply.