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Case of venture capital investment: Company of phlogistic yellow healthy medium
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Case of venture capital investment: Company of phlogistic yellow healthy medium obtains minute of numerous medium strategy of 5 million dollar invests

Origin: Author: Stand originallyTime: 2008-10-27Tag: Click: Phlogistic yellowHealthy medium company (ChinaHealthMedia) was in on January 21, 2008ShanghaiAnnounce the company obtains minute of numerous medium strategy of 5 million dollarInvestment, make over the broadcast network of its home hospital medium of phlogistic Huang Jiankang, this trades after finishing, Divide numerous mediumWill obtain phlogistic yellow healthy medium the share of 20% , at the same time phlogistic Huang Jiankang still announcesBuyThe competitor with Hua Na the biggest areaShenzhenLimited company of Jin Zhong medium, numerous medium of success general gold is all hospital and drugstore network resource merge into entirely phlogistic yellow healthy medium. This second trade after finishing, phlogistic yellow healthy medium had held the whole nation to make an appointment with the market share of 80% in network of broadcast of medical treatment health, Chinese canAfter company of phlogistic yellow healthy medium finishs investment the 2nd round, investment and help were held the position of again trading exclusive finance affairs is advisory.

Phlogistic yellow healthy medium held water 2004, headquarters is located inBeijing, the liquid crystal that is country's biggest hospital and place of medical treatment health shows business of screen advertisement operation, also be large-scale hospital health education publicizes a network, its show screen already enclothed drugstore of hospital, chain and community medical treatmentServiceThe center. At present phlogistic Huang Jiankang is passed intermediary already radiation arrives 36 city of countrywide, hospital of more than 3300 center, install more than thirty-two thousand eight hundred liquid crystal to show screen in all. Main installation is in liquid crystal indication screen the place such as mouth of elevator of dining room of room of registration, infusion, doctor, inpatient department, basically broadcast all sorts of health kind information and advertisement.

Phlogistic Huang Jiankang passes intermediary Ceng Yu 6 years bySoft silverAsiaInvestmentFundInfuse the first round of venture capital investment 5 million dollar. Was in October last year Chinese the your kind effort that can invest obtains Lan Xin Asia to invest group, Chong De to invest limited company, Yin Ruida again below the helpPoineering investment
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