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Case of venture capital investment analyses should become net
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Case of venture capital investment analyses should become net

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Electronic business affairs (China) limited company ("Should become net" or " company " ) it is the shopkeeper on China's largest network. The company offers a variety of 260 thousand books, music, Video, DVD product, and a variety of 30 thousand other products, include to consume things of electric subclass product, gift, baby, electric home appliances Should hold water in November 1999 when the net, it is inn of submit a written statement to a higher authority of the first net of Chinese.

Precede as ChinaElectronic business affairsCompany, should prepare to was in 2008 when the netThe United StatesAppear on the market, because this company prepares to undertake one roundIPOBeforeFinancing, in order to support oneself dilate and the orgnaization that attract the United StatesInvestmentPerson. Although the company has been in lead position, but still not gain, because this gives company estimate the value,be an enormous challenge; In the meantime, the author of the company wants to avoid his as far as possibleEquityBy dilute, in order to ensure oneself counterpoise to the control of the company.

The person that do poineering work introduces
Mr Li Guoqing and Yu change lady are to should become the collective author of the net and associated president, they should be become at establishing 2000 net. Before this, mr Li established 1993 company of Chinese division article, this company basically passes contract and each big state-owned publishing house to be published jointly religion complementary with the book, CommerceBooks and periodicals and medical book. Establishing should become before the net, ms. Yu ever held a post to cross a country at much home in China and United StatesEnterprise, include Babukekeweierkekesi company, Garik company and UPS. At the same time she still established 1992 a financial and advisory firm - Tripod international company.

Hua XingCapitalsolution
Hua Xing capital popularizes plan to should prepare meticulously when the net, the key highlighted the tremendous potential of market of Chinese electron business affairs. Attracted in financing process one large quantities of top classVenture capital investmentPerson with orgnaization investor, final appraise cost exceeds initiative price limits 50% , successfully from the top class venture capital investment that includes DCM inside person over there obtained financing of 27 million dollar.
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