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5 million dollar invests aurora borealis happy net
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5 million dollar invests aurora borealis happy net

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Now afternoon, Aurora borealisAchieve castInvestmentReporter of Xiang Xinmin network discloses copartner Wu Jiong, aurora borealis is achieved cast will toHappyThe net is offerred 4 million to 5 million dollarVenture capital investment. "This is brushstroke onlyWind is cast, according to aurora borealisMode, wind invests gold to still will continue to increase. " Wu Jiong say.

Current, although SNS website people like emerge in succession emerge in large numbers, but on the capital that attracting company of venture capital investment, domestic SNS website people performance is not good. Besides the net inside school fromSoft silverOutside the investment that obtains more than 400 million dollar, website of a lot of SNS gets also be symbolistic investment.

Wu Jiong discloses, invest happy net, aurora borealis is achieved casting is to value this mode on one hand, it is happy net and aurora borealis are achieved on the other hand cast between have very deep origin, aurora borealis is achieved castFundCopartner had better see the father Cheng Binghao of happy net more.

Current, main function has happy net contend for a car, friend buying and selling, voting wait with the test, this also is the game that numerous user often participates in, and if the user is successful invite a friend to join happy net, still will get corresponding award in each little game. Relying on such appeal just about, even if did not pass large-scale conduct propaganda, began in May from this year, the person energy of life of happy net and discharge begin to go tall stage by stage, to August when it is to greet volatile growth more.

Data shows, august, happy net day all IP visit quantity is achieved 720 thousand, day all the PV quantity that browse also is achieved 3000 much, alexa whole world ranks 400 or so, andChinaThe rank before the mesh inside school of the oldest 2 community website is controlled for 200.