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Israel Pitango and Shenzhen innovation invest project of Jiangxi solar energy
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Israel Pitango and Shenzhen innovation invest project of Jiangxi solar energy

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   ShenzhenMayor Xu Zongheng interviews Israel in citizen centerPitangoVenture capital investmentFundpatriarch and executive president Qiemi Peileisi group. Li Ping of secretary-general of Wang Shunsheng of chairman of city the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, municipal government attended to interview.

Pitango isIsraelFund of the biggest venture capital investment, fund dimensions amounts to 1.4 billion dollar. Qiemi Peileisi is to currently hold the post ofIsrael president, with in friendship association chairman cheats · on the west of Peileisi child, visit comes round to invest a group with Shenzhen city innovation (say below " innovation is cast " ) negotiate cooperative matters concerned.

Xu Zongheng is cast to Pitango and innovation build cooperative relation to express congratulation. He says, israel is being drivenInnovate independently, DevelopNew and high technology, give aid to the respect such as venture capital investment is developmentChinaThe home established very good example, and the good industry that Shenzhen has growing place of fund of venture capital investment to needEnvironment, perfectFinanceServiceCatenary, abound of innovation consciousnessEnterpriseDomestic team, the government also gives to the development of venture capital investment support energetically, career of venture capital investment is participated in to will have rich and generous redound in Shenzhen.

Qiemi Peileisi expresses, shenzhen is a beautiful city, development is rapid and connotation is rich. Pitango has agreed to be in with innovationJiangxiInvestedSolar energyProject, will cast with innovation henceforth build long-term, strategical collaboration concerns, drive the collaboration of Israel and China in innovation respect jointly.