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Stimulate wisdom limited company of science and technology obtains investment of
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Stimulate wisdom limited company of science and technology obtains investment of 10 million U.S. dollor

Origin: Author: Stand originallyTime: 2008-10-27Tag: Click: On September 12, sufferInternationalLargeIllicit collect equityFundShow appreciation for sb, a few days ago, new and high areaEnterpriseStimulate wisdomLimited company of science and technologyObtain 10 million U.S. dollorInvestment-- this is new and high area is obtained first timesVenture capital investmententerprise of type of production. Current, first phase the investment of 1.5 million U.S. dollor is successful already infuse, "Stimulate wisdom science and technology " be obtainedFinancingBasically will apply the amplification in product line of existing TFT-LCD optical film to go up. After two years, the optical film that its produce is produced can will produce than having can enlarge 5 times.

All the time since, Medium and small businessesFinancing is difficult it isThe worldSexual difficult problem, but inChinaHighlight particularly, objective of science and technology medium and small businesses mortgages the condition is not worth the bottleneck that becomes financing. Face this kind of case, the means that more science and technology medium and small businesses chooses to strive for venture capital investment gets financing.

"Stimulate wisdom science and technology " the TFT-LCD of development is used add bright model optical diffusion barrier is outback only the center of optical and filmy research and development that has own intellectual property and manufacturing base, opposite at forestall the Japan of this industry, The United StatesWith Korea, "Stimulate wisdom science and technology " product production cost is having clear advantage.

"Our equipment is him design is ordered in home make those who make, cost is entrance equipment only 10% the left and right sides, raw material also came true homebred change, the product is on the property basis that achieves foreign congener product, we can use the material of inferior cost and equipment production to give good product. " Jinyadong weighs this company controller, have core competition ability, have the project that others cannot duplicate, this is the reason that lets venture capital investment take a fancy to him project.

Usually, venture capital investment valued a project, cast Qian Jin to let it grow, when it is certain to arrive, can passIPOmeans is politic perhaps means disinvestment of collaboration, get very tall investment redound.

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