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MyHeritage of familial and gregarious website obtains investment of 15 million d
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MyHeritage of familial and gregarious website obtains investment of 15 million dollar

Origin: Author: Stand originallyTime: 2008-10-27Tag: Click: On September 9 message, according to foreign media coverage, onlineFamilialNetworkMyHeritageMake a statement say, they had obtained those who come from IndexVentures and AccelPartnersVenture capital investment, amount amounts to 15 million dollar. The investment that these two orgnaizations still are Skype and Facebook respectively at the same time square.

MyHeritage.com is a website that is located in Israel, it basically devotes oneself to to help people search family member, research familial history and share domestic photograph, at present the enrollment of this website the user has achieved 25 million person, support 25 kinds of languages. Its main competitor includes Geni.com and Ancestry.com.

"Facebook helps people governmentGregariousThe life, linkedIn helps life of people government profession, these two websites are again respectiveDomainObtained extraordinary success, " the Er of copartner all alone of IndexVentures - Kelaien (SaulKlein) say, "And MyHeritage criterion hopeful makes a familial network. "And MyHeritage criterion hopeful makes a familial network..

Facebook and LinkedIn all are at present demesne company. Microsoft240 million dollar of denounce endowment bought Ceng Yu 2007 of Facebook1.6%Equity.

MyHeritage hopes to passElectronic business affairsCome gain, the correlation between the member that they can use memory to wait for information and their place to master in the member birthday in the database and wedding anniversary will realize pattern of this one trade. In addition, they still hope to be able to pass the means such as advertisement and pool to get profit.

MyHeritage presiding apparitor holds father Girard concurrently - Jiafeite (GiladJaphet) express, get this from Index and Accel be in harmonyCapitalWill be used atEnterpriseDilate and open London agency. Meanwhile, myHeritage still will continue with a view to extends its network, they had had 260 million data of member and its relative at present. Jiafeite says: "We will be achieved very quickly 500 million to the dimensions of 1 billion. " he returns complement to say, "Nowadays, the successful rate that our archives matchs has been achieved 20% . When our material sum achieves 500 million, we will be OK to random two familial undertake matching. We will be OK to random two familial undertake matching..

MyHeritage still released new photograph service, it can use facial identifying the person that the technology will come to be like to appearance photograph undertakes classified. That is to say, the person of those appearance likeness can be used same label undertakes mark, and leave out the trouble that one by one labels. The user is OK from
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