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Chinese Internet: The business of 10 venture capital investment that provide eye
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Chinese Internet: The business of 10 venture capital investment that provide eye most greatly

Origin: Author: Stand originallyTime: 2008-10-27Tag: Click: Review Chinese Internet venture capital investment Cheng of 10 single-page calendar, must let popular feeling give birth to deep feeling, chinese Internet since the form that had limelight, walk along ability to show surging forward with great momentum all the way, swing gas ileum. They are the participator that Internet develops, the person that be benefited, it is the drive person that Internet develops more. Both supplement each other, grow jointly. 10 years, venture capital investment and Chinese Internet witnessed historical great change together.

The development that the author ever analysed Internet basically is by demand drive and technical drive are advanced forward, of course commercial element also is the main motive force that drives Internet development, among them the it is important to was acted absolutely role of venture capital investment. While venture capital investment means good-paying, still hiding huge risk. To new-style Chinese Internet, in mode, the market, income did not see clear case falls, the huge gap of capital is the biggest bottleneck that enterprise initial stage develops undoubtedly. Dare decisive when holding without 100 minutes skill, the boldness of venture capital investment depends on this. Every time Internet enterprise be in harmony arrives capital of a huge sum when, is the public in is the imagination what moved after all venture capital investment? May not is a how perfect specification! To Internet cordial and clinging, closely bind the person that do poineering work and venture capital investment in together, the glamour of venture capital investment also depends on this. Depend on capital dominant position and advanced concept, venture capital investment aids force China Internet to grow ceaselessly, expand, prosperity. Perhaps you do not understand venture capital investment, but the company that if you see those venture capital investment,once invested, you can understand, this is the exam paper of a heavy.

1.Fund of IDG technology poineering investment

What cast main company: Baidu, tecent, carry Cheng, when, financial, sohu, TOM, fast thunder, search room, tomato patch

2.Limited company of poineering investment of soft silver-colored China. What cast main company: Alibaba, the net that clean out treasure 1000 oak are interactive

3.Fund of China of Chinese larch capital.

What cast main company: Prominent people of strange tiger UUSee comments on net Kang Cheng to achieve want

4. associates investment limited company

What cast main company: Outstanding net, skyline net, cat attacks net, easy car network

Asia of 5. sea accept is achieved cast fund.
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