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Wind casts house of a favourite by sb in power: The hero of VC hero backside
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Wind casts house of a favourite by sb in power: The hero of VC hero backside

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"Those who create a city is not cover is worn the building of luxuriant housetop, also not be build by laying bricks or stones builds perfect stonewalling, not be the canal, also not be dockyard, however the ability that people uses an opportunity. " this is the advice that Aerkaiaosi brings us 600 years in BC. CapitalFor the times of king, how does the opportunity of a rare play namely turn capital this large the universe.

   The worldIt is smooth, the worldEconomyevery time rise and fall even labor pains transition is being affectedChinaEconomic nerve. Economy does not have national boundaries, capital is done not have moreInternational, capital permeates force to grow dance of sleeve be apt to in world each district with what continous grows. However, the flow of water has on any account, coordinate of not all economy is prosperous, can silver of disinter true gold. China, region of this economy break out, because of be full of too much opportunity magnetism is dye-in-the-wood, attracting never-ending foreign capital to drive straight in, urgent this locality capital is rooted and gemmiparous.

Compare with other country posture, economic domain of China more show numerous and complicated gender and condense a gender. Here, metabolic speed exceeds our imagination, we are thick accumulate thin hair, try best to catch up, be in weak point time of 30 years, china was finished with market economy conform, and western world used 200 years. Condense with 30 years, accumulate bicentenary to change course, this is late dominant position, more purgatorial. Be in China, spread all over such as to do poineering work, careless root, start, blue even sea such inviting word, large quantities of one growing sexesEnterpriseIf every bits of bit numerous star scatters at the horn of Chinese economy,the corner falls. The cut that they capture Chinese policy to crack bigger more " get a change to step in " , they have an insight into the market scotoma of others and itch to try, they are cruel grow however tenacity is dye-in-the-wood, sunshine giving a dot can bright, white even hand can build up. And present as leading role the entrepreneur of these enterprises, also have outstanding gene euqally, have a success go qualitative, can be in China the economy of typeEnvironmentPervert the law by playing with legal phraseology is done in vivid and dramatic.

Capital is flow, they often from the opportunity barren region flows to capital abundant area. Consequently, china is becomeInvestmentPerson Utopian, even someone cries giving China is " the Eden of sudden huge profits " .
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