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VC " PE is changed " it is at present China is achieved cast course of study mai
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VC " PE is changed " it is at present China is achieved cast course of study main feature

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AsChinaRiskInvestmentThe senior expert of the market, old industry the first month is right do poineering work board understanding is very deep, a viewpoint that he emphasizes from beginning to end is, do poineering work board it is mutiple level not justCapitalA link in market system, he still matters to the success or failure of strategy of our country own innovation, more matter to a countryEconomySafe.

No matter be to accept media to interview, still attend all sorts ofForum, chen Gong the first month emphasizes for many times, at present two kinds of phenomena of Chinese economy should be causedGovernmentWith attention of economic bound height: It is a batch of when provide vigor most on behalf of our country economy high grade innovation modelEnterpriseIn our market of condition foreign capitalAppear on the market, include our country among them 3 the biggestInternetPortal website () of sina, Sohu, Netease, the Chinese with the greatest whole world searchs engine (Baidu) , and numerous medium of royal, cent, carry Cheng, like the home, without Xi Shangde, new east, Alibaba, the famous innovation of many 200 China such as medical Ming Kangde enterprise, on these enterprise market prise -727379968 RMBs; 2 it is collect of foreign large illicitEquityInvestmentOrgnaizationEnter China in a large-scale, not only invest in is numerous in smallHigh-techIn the enterprise, still extended antenna the key that matters to national economy lifeblood industry and large and medium-sized state-owned company.

Chen Gong the first month thinks, if allow to be continued by two kinds of afore-mentioned phenomenaDevelopGo down, will form serious menace to safety of Chinese country economy, the palm of high grade innovation of China enterprise accuses authority to have by falling likelihood. Chen Gong the first month thinks, want to prevent innovation enterprise in succession " emigrant " appear on the market to abroad capital market, block affirmation up forcedly to be not blocked up, also do not accord with WTO spirit. And a lot of businesses running abroad appearing on the market also is be forced to do, if China has his maturity do poineering work board capital market, these enterprises won't cost prep above home market 2 ~ the cost of 3 times, from a great distance arrives abroad
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