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Is overseas investment huge should deficient otherwise ask duty?
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Is overseas investment huge should deficient otherwise ask duty?

Origin: Author: Stand originallyTime: 2008-10-27Tag: Click: First in the investment outside believing Tai Fuhai is huge deficient, lot asks duty the message of storm, astonished field of A stock market. Outback capital also has similar case, some losses are gotten even badly much.

In Xin Taifu is gigantic deficient

According to coverage of much home media, xin Taifu invests foreign currency to derive in article, gigantic deficient 14.7 billion HK dollar, the share price after the message is announced stands meet with cutting sb in two at the waist. Current, the tall canal of two finance affairs that has direct responsibility already resigned director post, the female, is in charge of as financial department Rong Mingfang that Rong Zhijian of peaceful rich chairman believes in already also was transferred financial department, receive class of accept a surrender accept a surrender and the disciplinary treatment that decrease firewood, market personage appeals ” of abdication of take the blame of “ Rong Zhijian even, to investor one is explained.

Is the investment outside is Tai Fuhai being believed in huge why to want to ask to tall canal fortunately duty? According to the statement that the company publishs, because the gigantic deficient “ such as this is pure,be is the ” of behavior of exceed one's authority of relevant responsibility person; But more people think, this is the evil consequence that major investment item did not pass partner to be able to discuss. A personage inside course of study mentions clearly: “ any appearing on the market the company is in make a likelihood affect company market prise when the decision of 10 % above, the discussion that must pass shareholder plenary meeting is passed, accordingly, this thing is the responsibility that the finance affairs of two abdication is in charge of high not just, and the neglect one's duty that is whole government layer. ”“ this is company management the layer is irresponsible, because be done not have,appear on the market company should responsible and those who cause is serious deficit, your person cannot be accepted. ”

Restful 3 quarterly reports have a deficit beforehand

Associate to field of A stock market from this, the most typical is China is in Europe of average of 2 class market in safety rich connect a group (Fortis) , nearly principal does not have return: Twenty-three billion eight hundred and seventy-four million yuan original investment is pressed closing quotation price was calculated on September 30, float is deficient 15.7 billion yuan, must release 3 quarterly reports to have a deficit beforehand for this company announcement. And actually, calculate according to concerning a personage at present rich connect share price already under 1 euro (newest price 0.88 euro) , 121 million market prise of restful average already were not worth 1 billion yuan of RMB, shrink is close to 100 % !
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