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VC money is constrictive 5 action kill poineering company hibernate surely abili
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VC money is constrictive 5 action kill poineering company hibernate surely ability

Origin: Author: Stand originallyTime: 2008-10-27Tag: Click: A variety of evidence show, foreign capital VC people had begun corner mostlyCapitalHibernate: Rise on one hand right potentialInvestmentOf the objectCashShed a requirement; The implementation that plans how to innovate on the other hand is covered exit now already investedProject; It is to try all sorts of method to save what had invested moreoverEnterprise. Of course, show level VC people bigger the energy of one part basically is thrown in protection to have investment project company to go up, especially those cash flow to lose, do not have the enterprise that sufficient financing lays in however.

Can say, undertaking the first roundFinancingthe person that all doing poineering work, already successful VC people bind together with oneself. But the enterprise that never undertakes financing passes, can rely on oneself to search an outlet only, spend this by sub debtFinanceThe winter that the crisis causes.

Someone says, not terrible in the winter, terrible is to did not prepare. (" poineering observation " column communicates Liu Yang Tim@wabei.com)

1, maintain poineering passion, spirit does not fall;

"Spirit does not fall, the enterprise is evergreen " although be Liu Yang is adapted,come over, but the check study that I am course many sided, just put poineering passion the first importance.

Dug shellfish net yesterday (WaBei.COM) mention in the report of a reprinted large space, some produces the poineering company manager of shoe, had regretted to be in now a wrong time (6 years) the choice that did a mistake (export from foreign trade, entered shoemakingIndustry) , beforehand him appraise at latest the year after next has a deficit not to remove this shutout.

Although of instantlyEconomyThe situation is more difficult, but must economic difficulty enterprise fall? HisEmployeeHow to see this news can think? Lost poineering passion and belief, I think he is met certainly, perhaps have more than is needed arrives the year after next.

Sun Zhengyi says, he invests at the outsetMa YunWith Yang Zhiyuan because,be, "This two individual eyes are putting a ray, longing is successful, a bit mad " .

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