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The 3rd quarter of American invests amount to amount to annulus of 7.1 billion d
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The 3rd quarter of American invests amount to amount to annulus of 7.1 billion dollar than gliding 7%

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  BeijingTime on October 19 message, according to foreign media coverage, office of accountant of Pu Huayong path (PricewaterhouseCoopers) with complete beautyVenture capital investmentAssociation (NationalVentureCapitalAssociation) the venture capital investment that released the 3rd quarter early Saturday originally local time reports " MoneyTreeReport " . This report shows, the 3rd quarter, of home of completely beautiful venture capital investmentInvestment amountAchieve 7.1 billion dollar, trade gross exceeds 900.

This one word accords with the historical rule of venture capital investment basically. Be in currentEconomyBelow stagnant circumstance, this one word is communicated gave a positive signal. Nevertheless, this report also gave out a warning at the same time. The whole world of venture capital investment that Pu Huayong manages copartner Teleixi - Laifuteluofu (TracyT.Lefteroff) say: "Although the investment of 7 billion dollar makes clear, venture capital investment did not get on the wholeFinanceThe influence with turbulent market, but we predict, next a few quarters, the investment of venture capital investment will present the trend that drop. The investment of venture capital investment will present the trend that drop..

The investment amount of the 3rd quarter relatively annulus of the 2nd quarter is compared dropped 7% (the amount of the 2nd quarter is 7.7 billion dollar, trade a total 1033) . Nevertheless, annulus compared the investment that place of average each deal obtains to rise however 5% , achieve 7.8 million dollar.

The 3rd quarter reachs first trade amount is 1.5 billion dollar, trade a total 259, relatively score of annulus of the 2nd quarter does not drop 12% with 20% . Nevertheless, the investment of the average each deal of the 3rd quarter appeared likewise the trend that annulus comparing rises, rise to 5.7 million dollar by the 5.2 million dollar of the 2nd quarter.

   SoftwareIt is the domain that the 3rd quarter pays close attention to venture capital investment most, share 214 companies to obtain investment, it is rank second biology almostScience and technologyDouble of the domain, one domain obtains the company number of investment to be 114 only after. Nevertheless, investing amount respect, biology science and technology domain of prep above software, both is mixed for 1.35 billion dollar respectively 1.34 billion dollar.

The 3rd quarter, venture capital investment appeared to glide considerably to the investment of network company, reach in all trade 194, amount is 1.1 billion dollar, and of the 2nd quarter trade a total 251, investment amount is 1.6 billion dollar. Nevertheless, those who need an attention is, the 2nd quarter,
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