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PE is tightened up who is small website in moneybag naked swim
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PE is tightened up who is small website in moneybag naked swim

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Orgiastic afterwards, reality is frozen however. On October 8, chinese larch whole world is given out " golden age already rested " sound, those who give the whole worldEnterpriseKnock noisy alarm bell, same day, net of person of outstanding ability of China of website of famous and online invite applications for a job abandons homeIPO, becomeThe United StatesWholy-owned subsidiary of Monster of website of invite applications for a job, after this, round-the-world market group announces, easy trade of website of B2B of old brand of formal amalgamative Hong Kong is connected (TradeEasy, it is Hong Kong at the same timeAppear on the marketCompany) , Market-Place -- ,CapitalThe seismic sea wave of the market, StormAlready agitate arrives the level of industrial capital, the dream of the person that should do poineering work bumps grim situation, whetherBuyWhat conformity appears to become every enterprise to will be faced with is torturous.

[The bottom is done not have in the heart model]

Close down transition perhaps is washed out

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  InvestmentAlthough the person expresses, at present the likelihood is reason of company price regression, discovery " good in quality and cheap in price " good company when; But on the other hand, be in currentEconomyUnder the situation, want from investor " cover close " a money is drawn out again in moneybag, had been by no means easy thing, last week, chinese larch is on global conference, put forward earnest warning to company and investor, express, "The enterprise wants to obtain a success, control expenditure and having active cash to flow is must. Did not come and buy trading amount to will decrease relatively, and compare with the photograph a few years ago, the price that the enterprise sells also can fall somewhat.

This also will makeFinancingBe achieved the 2nd round or the 3rd round business day is more sad, among them typical is video website, the near future, actor cruelCEOGu Yongqiang expresses when accepting a reporter to interview, "Inside time of close half an year, video website will be entered more of aggravate shuffle process, we competitor of a few person of the same trades is entered basically close down, have a few will transition, also some is seeking buyer, the speed that superior bad discard changes can be accelerated. The speed that superior bad discard changes can be accelerated..
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