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Walk out of a high-tech to do poineering work new way
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Walk out of a high-tech to do poineering work new way

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Construction achieves new-style city, grab with innovation drive catch new good luck of round of scientific progress, it is our city implementation good one of strategies of rapid development. “ implementation spans type development key depends on innovating, develop new dominant industry. ” yesterday, academician walks into begin lecturing of lecture of series of ” of “ citizen school, physics of university of academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Nanjing is a professor promising is walked into the 100th period ” of school of citizen of new city “ , the dynamical ” that with “ innovation —— society develops is a problem, say when the train of thought that elaborates innovation development and mode, innovation develops, we should walk out of a high-tech to do poineering work new way.
Innovation is successful main factor. Promising says, move toward powerful and prosperous course to look from the country such as Portuguese, Spain, Holand, England, France, Germany, United States, Russia, Japan, all without exception is the good luck that captured industrial revolution a few times, with the technology innovation, system innovation drives a country the trend is powerful and prosperous.

Current, human society has entered industrial revolution times the 4th times now. Promising says, when new industrial revolution and new core technology are arisen, be “ shuffles the opportunity of ” , if junior country can pass innovation, develop new dominant industry, can realize economy completely span type development and economy overtake. Now, our country has put forward to build innovation country, each district also puts forward to build innovation province, city, the importance that this shows to we had realized innovation to develop to country, area, the key depends on how realizing innovation.

“ I feel, should be with poineering mode with the poineering spirit of American Silicon Valley draw lessons from, combinative China national condition and each district are actual, walk out of a high-tech to do poineering work new way. ” promising says, the poineering mode of Silicon Valley is famous university adds the Xiaogong in high-tech to manage, science and technology of be in harmony, education, production at an organic whole, by personage of science and technology of major of tall record of formal schooling, undertake science and technology innovates. Current, china is advocated primitive innovation, compositive innovation and introduce digest absorb innovate again the innovation of 3 administrative levels. The course that with respect to the country such as the United States innovation develops looks, primitive innovation is most main. Accordingly, china explores his high-tech innovation mode, must take primitive innovation seriously. Proposal government builds platform of innovation of science and technology, adopt venture capital investment and policy to tilt wait for measure, with courtyard of the college that is engaged in primitive innovation, scientific research all machine ground is contacted together. Place of courtyard of college, scientific research should be communicated extensively with the enterprise, collaboration, run scientific research achievement to change by market pattern. Photograph of orgnaization of government office of “ be in power, enterprise, college, institute, finance is united in wedlock, we can be between intellectual innovation system and technical innovation system, build a significant link and changed link, realize innovation development thereby. ”
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