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93% of the market for venture capital markets fancy condoms
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New Market VC fancy condom market? Yes. IDG investment for a long time just received Chennai (Tianjin) Health Products Co., Ltd., founder Li Hong told the reporter, but prospects in the market channels and brands are relatively fragmented industry, "chance." 93% of the market space Long-established Chennai (Tianjin) Health Products Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to Chennai for a long time) before the initial shareholders of Li Hong and three other Jieshi Bang be called the "old" employees, "the less they work more than 8 years, I have done another one of the founders 12 years. " Durex condoms are the market seems, Jieshi Bang as the representative of the world, in their view, there are still a lot of LI Hong opportunities. Purchasing Manager from the Jieshi Bang, central office and one sales director to director, Li Hong opportunity for them to see very clear: in the Chinese market, playing the "thin" concept of condoms is much higher than the proportion of product sales Western countries, perhaps the problem is to use the customary "For Asians, it is best to not want to use (condoms), then, requires the use of the word (condoms) should be very thin." However, the use of emotional marketing of Durex and Jieshi Bang seems inevitable that some positioning in the Li Hong vague, "always first and then sum up the market." If you can hit more accurate ultra-thin appeal, coupled with the condom market has been the premise of standardized , the high-end ultra-thin product will usher in another surge in demand in the process. Because in Japan, the condom usage rate as high as 85%, 65% Europe and America, while only 7% of China, Beijing, Shanghai and other cities in the rate of condom use is only 20% level. Li Hong decided to own a brand. Last April, she and three other business partners for a long time in Tianjin Chennai Corporation. Top priority is "to find the thinnest product, and Japan in this regard is the leading technology." As before Jieshi Bang's sake, Li Hong Fuji Latex Co., Ltd. of Japan has long been heard. She contacted Fuji Latex Co., Ltd. of Japan to seek, to let each other as long products manufacturer and supplier of Chennai. However, the talks nearly broken. Fuji Latex Co., Ltd. of Japan has its own brand in China and has been in operation for nearly a decade beginning of each LI Hong want to sell their branded products. Li Hong did not agree, she bluntly pointed out that the soft underbelly of each other's markets: market style too conservative, too much attention to the effects of input and output. "They did a decade is still bland brand to re-market influence, and my own cost of the new brand's market is actually almost the same." Li Hong thought that if the other brand to become the "agent" is difficult to obtain strong support After all each other's core competencies are R & D and manufacturing, "and our strengths are marketing and sales." Finally, the two sides finally closed cooperation. This reporter saw the official website and in the long-Chennai promotional product packaging, the products can do much long Chennai market, "Japan's Fuji Latex Co., Ltd." The name can also be spread by the same breadth. Chennai For a long time, it also needs the ultra-thin Japanese Fuji Latex Co., Ltd. technical selling point. Grabbing "mind share" FMCG is a channel and mode is king of the industry, who occupied the sales channels, the introduction of a good sales model will be able to succeed. For condom products, channels, more important. Because the products are unique, relevant laws and regulations to make its advertising and marketing restrictions, the terminal became the condom brand channels are most important battlefield. As FMCG, condoms channel mode or juice and beer is similar to many persons, such as street, convenience stores, supermarkets, hotels, pharmacies and other channels to sell there. It is the diversity and dispersion characteristics of channels, making the condom market, "through the Family Planning Commission and the Food and Drug Administration's specifications, the Chinese are still more than 400 condom brands," Li Hong told reporters.