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Liu Chao leads students to alumni and students to explore entrepreneurial vent
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6:30 the evening of December 5, Institute of Economic Activity Center in Room 123, Second District held a launch ceremony and Economics Society, "Venture Capital and Entrepreneurship Students" seminar. Harbin Institute of Technology in Heilongjiang to high-tech venture capital Chen, general manager Liu Chao alumni, Harbin China Sea Trading Co., Ltd. Liang Jun, chairman of alumni attended the event. Activities before the start of the video in the form of social economics, to the vivid reproduction of the audience during the creation of community. Mr Chen Su School Youth League secretary, said: "The success of each community, the students can not be separated from generation to generation innovation and dedication. I hope the students in the school teachers support and their efforts, the economic community in the school community propped up on the big stage of their own piece of the sky. "Subsequently, delegates to the community teachers, administered by Professor Jiang Minghui employment certificate issued. Community after the launching ceremony, Liu Chao his right to you, "Venture Capital and college students venture." "Today, I would first do a risk investment ... ..." a power, Liu will be brought back over the words of everyone's curiosity, he had signed a check in support of funding for future activities Economics Society. Lecture, Liu Chao introduced his upbringing, recalling 30 years ago, the scene at the Harbin Institute of Technology to learn he is still filled with emotion. He then to show the latest China rich list Entrepreneurship, and that 60% of them are engaged in high-tech industries, and high-tech enterprises are mainly venture capital funding. "There is no risk investment, not today's Silicon Valley, is also difficult to develop high-tech." Liu Chao said. Entrepreneurship in the students mentioned the issue, Liu expressed his super attitude - support and guidance. But he also stressed that entrepreneurs do not agree with students in school, "business can not affect the learning of students in school, pay attention to develop the necessary business related capacity, and understand business is a long arduous process." Subsequently, he also to the presence of are recommended for students in school choice, including various types of education and training, mature technology transfer, product development and other business projects the preliminary work. "School spirit is very important! What methods and standards which were cultured in culture is more important than that!" "Teach students to learn to think, not just professional knowledge to enable students to become versatile personnel." "Early masters, early work, early to think about, this should be supported. "words of Liu Chao resonance caused by the students. As a successful venture capitalists, Liu Chao compares the difference between investors and entrepreneurs, and to bring investment success stories to share with everyone. "That sounds so far away specific risk investment into a vivid, realistic, sensible." I sat beside the students said. Talks Finally, Liu overexpression of our school and students are the hope and blessing, and soulful poetry "angel wings" as a knot.