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China Agricultural Science and Technology Venture Investment Fund
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In order to further implement the "three centers, a base" strategy, as soon as possible to promote agricultural technology transfer and industrialization, for the three rural services, after investigation and study, especially for the establishment of "China Agricultural Science and Technology Venture Investment Fund Project", which is conducive to my House of the transfer of scientific and technological achievements and industry, we believe that the implementation of the project has the following advantages: 1, to fund projects to build in our hospital, "Agricultural Science and Technology of Silicon Valley" model, is a major national agricultural science and technology initiative; more conducive to the use of national agricultural science and technology policy; 2, the venture capital fund to help scientists favor the development of practical technologies; 3, is conducive to small scale technical assistance to scientists in the scale-up; 4, is conducive to agricultural research sector in the country to establish a model of the Combination of our hospital; 5, completely market-oriented fund projects operating on the input of scientists and scientific research can guide more funds from enterprises to help agricultural research; is a major attempt to reform science and technology; 6, can help strengthen our hospital business contacts and cooperation at home and abroad.