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Yahoo Jerry Yang and other former executives of several venture capital funds
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November 16, according to foreign media reports, several former Yahoo executives set up a small venture capital fund set up to prepare Morado Ventures, the fund size of $ 10,000,000, former head of Yahoo's senior director of engineering Patel (Ash Patel). Patel has worked 14 years at Yahoo, the company's final position is responsible for product architecture and strategy, executive vice president, so in this field has considerable experience. According to knowledgeable sources, Patel last November to leave the company, and since then he has some investment, but he was more eager to start early in person to go. Informed sources said, Morado's partners include former Yahoo CEO Terry Semel (Terry Semel), the former Yahoo COO 丹罗森斯维 Kyrgyzstan (Dan Rosensweig), the former head of advertising sales, Greg Coleman ( Greg Coleman) and former chairman Su Shande Yahoo Kerr (Sue Decker). Investors also may include the Yahoo founders Jerry Yang and David Filo (David Filo). Both of them will become a limited investor, do not participate in the investment decision making.