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Fund-raising venture capital industry in China is unprecedented warm single inv
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2010 China VC / PE industry, fund-raising show warm, the amount increased significantly. Mainland China has completed the first half of the venture capital raised amounted to 56 billion yuan, representing an increase of 91% over the same period in 2009. According to Xinhua News Agency reported Nov. 3, 3, 2010, held in Hefei, China Venture Capital and Technology of China Financial Forum announced a series of venture capital and private equity (VC / PE) industry with the latest analysis of the data. Data 2010 China VC / PE fund-raising show warm sector, substantial growth in the amount of the year is expected VC / PE investment would be far more than in 2009. Host the forum in China Venture Capital Research Institute released a report that the first half of 2010, but the recovery in the global economy and the state line and back, the overall growth of China's macroeconomic situation has not changed, the national economy is in good Of stable and rapid development, VC / PE sector confidence, and fund-raising appears warm. According to statistics, during the first half of this year, mainland China has completed the raising of venture capital amounted to 56 billion yuan, representing an increase of 91% over the same period in 2009. 31 have completed the first half of the institutions to raise capital / funds over the average size of venture capital raised Over 18 billion over the same period in 2009, 2.55 times the index. Disclosure of fund-raising in the size of 95 agencies / funds, the amount of new venture capital raised 2 billion and more than most, accounting for more than Bacheng, significantly higher than 40% in 2009, raised the average size of venture capital was increased. China Venture Capital Research Institute of Engineering Mengjie Shao Chen, from the statistical data analysis, the mainland of China in 2010 the geographical distribution of the new diversified fund raising. In the first half of 2010 raised the risk of new investment institutions / funds, CHINA New fund-raising regions of the highest, accounting for the new fund-raising 17.58% of the total, followed by Beijing, North China, Shanghai, South Africa, accounting for the new fund-raising 15.91% of the total, 14.96%, 13.49%, 12 .8%, the regional capital The amount or less. At the same time, experts pointed out that in China's capital market gradually matures, the gradual relaxation of investment and exit channels to develop emerging industries of strategic national policy background, VC / PE investment market active. According to the China Venture Capital Research Institute of Statistics, the first half of 2010, the Chinese mainland had a total of 146 VC / PE investment cases, the disclosure of which 92 cases involving the amount of investment of more than 25.6 billion yuan, 2.44 times the same period in 2009 , Is the 2009 full year 80.92%. Experts expect the trend of development here, the scale of investment in 2010 will be far more than the year 2009, the average intensity of individual investment 2.79 billion yuan / item at the highest point since 2003. Chen Gong Meng also said that foreign institutions invest in China's enthusiasm, the number and amount of investment of more than local institutions. First half of 2010, the disclosure of the 131 institutional investors from the case, led by foreign institutional investors Number of cases of 52.67% of the total number of cases, total investment of 17.427 billion yuan, 71% of the total investment. From the investment industry distribution, the first half of 2010, Mainland China VC / PE investment in a diversified distribution trend continues, the traditional IT industry, and narrow is still the most intensive areas of access to investment, but the emerging high-tech companies are Access to venture capital in more and more attention. 3-day forum, 10 Anhui enterprises signed with the venture capital investment 630 million yuan, of which bio-medicine, new energy and environmental protection industry has become a hot industry. Research conditions and Finance Ministry Deputy Director Deng Tianzuo said that the Chinese more concerned about the past, science and technology R & D strategy, concerns the accumulation of key technologies. Fifth Plenary Session of the CPC proposed seventh adhere to the scientific and technological progress and innovation for To speed up the transformation of economic development an important support. To achieve this goal must be to create a new mechanism, namely, government-led market-oriented operation mechanism, promote the technology and financial integration mechanism. How to create a A suitable financing mechanism for scientific and technological innovation, scientific research so that more cash into a product, the growth of an industry, China still faces great challenges.