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Chinas auto services companies Venture Capital Market Overview
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While the global automotive industry is still suffering from the financial crisis of this heavy blow, but as the number of private cars in China continues to grow, those engaged in automotive service business in China's new economy class of companies or to usher in a new round of rapid Development. Investment flows observed, these cars services companies cut more than the Internet model, in part supported by the chain model line, are increasingly popular with consumers and the general investors of all ages. Web site statistics show that investment flows, from October 2005 to June 2009, China's auto service market has been disclosed 22 cases of venture capital, involving 13 finance companies, financing totaled $ 211,000,000; average single financing The amount of $ 9,600,000, the average amount of financing per company $ 16,246,100. 1 China's auto financing service class profile new economy companies Investment tide site data show Chinese car universal network holding its first public disclosure is the venture capital vehicle services companies. The transaction occurred in October 2005, the investment side to GGV (Granite Global Ventures), disclose the investment amount of $ 8,000,000; the transaction is completed, GGV Executive Director Jenny Lee (Jenny Lee) and partner Wu Lin (Thomas Ng) joined the Automotive Network Board of Directors. Followed by China Net financing car after the success of China's new economy class car service companies with the peak of financing, easy car (BITA ,,%), car Union, 51 car, second car network companies have received venture capital and other support. Table 1 China's new economy class car service company was venture capital Event List 2 China's new economy class car service companies, venture capital-annual change Web site statistics show that investment flows in 2005, China's new economy class car service companies to disclose risks of investing 3 events, involving China's automobile network, easy car financing company car Union 3, the total financing of $ 13,000,000, the average Document the amount of $ 4,333,300 financing. Class of 2006, China's auto service companies to disclose the new economy venture capital event 8, involving 51 vehicles, second cars, UAA, Extreme Car Rental, China's automobile network, gather information media, cars League, easy car 8 Home finance company, raised a total of $ 69,700,000, the average amount of $ 8,712,500 single financing; of which, China's auto network cars League, easy car financing of the second round of the families of the three networks. Class of 2007, China's auto service company disclosed the new economy 7 Lu venture capital events, involving search security net, handsome car, second car, Extreme Car Rental, UAA, car alliance, security Mentor seven finance companies raised a total of $ 107,500,000, an average single amount of $ 15,357,100 Financing; which , Second car, Extreme Car Rental, UAA three families of second round of funding, the car is the third round of EU funding. 2008 by the financial crisis, China's auto service class the second half of the new economy is no risk investment company event disclosure, disclosure is only the first half of Lu venture capital event number 3, involving a car rental Hi, 51 Qi Che, Shuai 3 car finance companies, finance about 1950 万 total dollars, the average amount of $ 6,500,000 single financing; in which 51 cars and two family members of the second round of handsome car financing. May 2009, 556 automobile market access to 10 million yuan disclosure of angel investment, breaking China's new economy class car service company nearly a year risk-free investment occurred in an awkward position. 3 China's new economy class car service companies to obtain venture capital round distribution Web site statistics show that investment flows, as of June 2009, venture capital-backed Chinese car service class of 13 new economy companies, the car has received three rounds of venture capital alliance, a total investment amounting to $ 40,000,000 received, accounting for 13 companies received a total investment of 18.94%; China Automotive Network, easy car, 51 cars, second cars, UAA, Extreme Car Rental, handsome car 7 has been awarded two rounds of venture capital, seven received total investment amounting to 156.9 million U.S. , Representing 13 companies received a total investment of 74.29%, the company received an average investment of $ 22,414,300; gather information media, found security network security Mentor, a Hi Car Rental, 566 auto market 5 companies only received a venture capital, 5 Home total investment amounting to $ 14,300,000 received, representing 13 companies received 6.77% of total investment, the company received an average investment of $ 2,860,000. 4 Chinese auto companies to invest in the new economy class service exit way How to quit the venture capital firm has been a serious problem faced by the investment flows that the new economy, China's auto service class of a listed company short term, be the way such withdrawal. Although the Pacific Network on December 2007 Successfully listed on the HKEx, but its main revenue comes from the Pacific Internet not Pacific Automotive Network. Up to now, no one is purely China's new economy class car service listed company. Investment flows that, in the short term, M & A worth the investment this way more people quit thinking; China's new economy class car service company, although not active in M & A events, but you can see this trend is increasing. Than If CNET China has successively in July 2006 and January 2008 acquisition of love card network and the online auto market automobile; easy car had in October 2007 acquisition of the media gather information; Australia in June 2008 Telecom had acquired CHE168 and car Home 55% of the shares. China's economy will eventually out of the shadow of the global economic crisis, investment flows believe that in this process, China's auto service market will achieve significant growth. A few years later, China's new economy class car service business will continue Chung Emerged in some listed companies, let us wait and see.