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Nanchang territorial Web site - to treasure by the initial net investment of
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October 22, 2010, to network and Nam Po Venture Capital equity investment signing ceremony held in Jiangxi garden RESERVED. Jiangxi Provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department Director Liu Hao Network Vision Office, Nanchang Municipal Committee Liu Li, director of foreign propaganda office attended the signing ceremony, Jiangxi Province, business, media, academia, the Internet community about the leadership and network professionals and treasure to treasure more than 150 people attended the Friends of the signing ceremony. To Bao network by the initial venture capital 10 million yuan, which is the first time in Jiangxi Internet venture capital industry, the growth of territorial sites, Nanchang, Jiangxi and the development of the Internet industry will play a positive role in promoting. At the signing ceremony, to network chairman and managing director Gan Bao Jiu Lin and Tellhow Group, Venture Capital, vice president and general manager of Nanchang Li Ziqiang signed "to treasure Network and Venture Capital Co., Ltd. Nanchang equity investment agreement" . C eremony, the provincial Department of Propaganda Office Director Liu Hao Vision network, Nanchang Municipal Committee Liu Li, director of foreign propaganda office spoke to congratulate him. To Bao Network is a established in April 2006 the portal city life, city life is focused on providing consumer information and emotional exchanges. After 5 years of tempering, has now developed into a 100 million registered members, more than 200 million Japanese visited the Jiangxi local community life. Won the "2009 China Internet users favorite Online Community" and "2010 China's most influential Twenty local interactive website" reputation. It is understood that the risk-to-ground network investment Po is Nanchang Tellhow Venture Capital Group Holdings Ltd., which owns a large number of professionals with many years of listed companies and unlisted equity investment experience. Successful investment in shares has the same side, Tellhow, the Year optoelectronics, Hongseong water industry, Huiquan beer, Jiang motor, Ganfeng Lithium, Hua Wu brake, chapter, and Tungsten industries to help them obtain public listing huge returns. In recent years, local web sites (also known as the local portal or local community) in the country has enjoyed rapid growth, much favored by venture capital. Following the 19th floor, Hangzhou, Beijing 55BBS other local Web site to vote after the high winds, to stand out won the million yuan bao network venture capital, this harbinger of local sites will usher in a new round of investment boom. To Bao network related sources, the expected revenue in 2011 will exceed 10 million yuan. In a team context, to treasure Network now has a team of more than 50 team members from the backbone of the Internet, traditional media, advertising companies, individual owners and other industries, will expand the existing team in 2011 to 100 people. Li Ziqiang that the law of the Internet industry point of view, to Po network is worth the investment, we only touch about two months to reach an agreement. To Bao Network chairman and managing director, said Gan Jiu Lin, Po network will work to "make the city a much warmer, to make life more warm," the corporate mission, playing a new card cultural and creative industries in Jiangxi, China's outstanding city life portal .