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Mobile phone medium or invest danger of become a common practice new central iss
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Mobile phone medium or invest danger of become a common practice new central issue

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Fill inInvestmentPresident Yang Yongjiang is busier recently, he is entrusting character expression for his and buy object —— it had better be a new media company that is engaged in classifying media, have distinctive channel, mediaAssetAndCashStream, year income lowest is in 50 million above, best can achieve 100 million above, profit margin can be in 20 % above.

“ of course, not gain is OK also. ” Yang Shui.

In fact, yang Yongjiang has been in and company of 45 new media contacts —— to be inEconomyBigEnvironmentIncreasingly austere when, rely on high investment to work energetically go up quickly insurgent the new media that riseIndustryLying industry trough, thoseCapitalCatenary is nervousMobile phoneMedia of medium, network, small many media, gather a crowd to the company such as media and new channel was become and buy square attentionFocus.

Buy right now, can reduce not onlyBuyCost, also can facilitate the industry is rapid and integrated, form industry tycoon company.

Mobile phone medium becomes a focus

ExteriorCapitalThe market is encountered cold, it is new media companyFinancingDifficult main reason.

According to the report statistic of ChinaVenture, 2008 the 3rd quarterChinaEnterpriseIPOOverall dimensions drops considerably, dimensions of IPO of VC/PE setting enterprise presents downtrend likewise, IPO amount and annulus of specified number of capital of be in harmony are compared fall total amount is an IPO of course of study of the state-owend enterprise in all exceeding 50 % —— 30, annulus comparing reduces 46.4 % , reduce 60.5 % compared to the same period; Total financing amount is 3.019 billion dollar, annulus comparing reduces 58.8 % , decrease compared to the same period achieve 86.5 % . Among them, amount of IPO of VC/PE setting enterprise 7, annulus comparing reduces 50 % , reduce 77.4 % compared to the same period; Financing amount 521 million dollar, annulus comparing reduces 55.5 % , reduce 94.1 % compared to the same period.

Meanwhile, from the point of IPO return rate, IPO of this enterprise of quarterly VC/PE setting invests return rate on average to be 1.97 times, annulus comparing drops 37 % , drop compared to the same period 73.4 % . As the ceaseless be thwarted of security market, investment return rate is achieved likewise since 2007 lowermost level.
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