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Capital market and Chinese Internet
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In the meantime, prospective Internet will be become pull the loco that moves economic growth. “ Internet is right of Chinese economy pull dynamical capacity to will exceed telegraphic industry, time can prove all these. ” industry and Xi Guohua of informatization ministry undersecretary ever expressed. He emphasizes, the network henceforth, the world that is shift and Internet.

Investigation shows, in the development of Internet economy, the action since Internet company place is occupied only 10% , the traditional business application to Internet technology, just be the main motive force that drives Internet economy growth. This year the big shrink of share price, conduce to the development of Internet economy future actually.

Mobile Internet will be the next peak that Internet develops. Mobile Internet will offer new development space for traditional Internet, and the strategic key that becoming development of operation commerce Wu gradually. Self-improvement of communication expert Hou thinks, 3G wants development to have to develop mobile Internet first.

Personage of the analysis inside course of study thinks, the theme of the below one phase of Internet will be the productivity ” with true “ . At present a lot of Internet services are free, complete support venture capital investment will prop up, the value that this brought about the market by twist. Wall street storm will bring about “ cheap ” venture capital investment is dried up, such enterprise runs mode to will be afterwards hard. From the point of this angle, storm of wall street finance also is a chance of Internet industry thoroughly remould oneself.

With Ba Fei special word says, you just know who is after “ tidewater retire naked swim. ” passes stormy ablution, internet industry of China or more will mature.

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