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73 years old of VC are veteran " Chinese pan "
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73 years old of VC are veteran " Chinese pan "

Origin: Author: Stand originallyTime: 2008-10-27Tag: Click: Days elapses quickly, dick of virgin copartner of the chairman before association of American venture capital investment, NEA. The gram in carat Mu (Dick Kramlich) had spent time of half an year in Shanghai.

Last year the end of the year, " wall street daily " the science and technology that reported qualifications and record of service of this Silicon Valley is the longest invests the home, in excessive of dip of course of study of venture capital investment the gram in carat Mu of 35 years prepares to want to try luck ” to Chinese “ .

Right, this is “ goes to east another round the upsurge of ” .

After from 2004 Silicon Valley bank guides large quantities of foreign capital VC to make an on-the-spot investigation, among them what majority already started entry China is itinerary. Seldom accept the Er of investment home Michael that interview in mainland. Molici (Micheal Moritze) , John. Dole (John Doerr) , Ma Haohua of oak capital CEO is waited a moment, accepted the media that includes our newspaper inside to interview in ground of Chinese “ high-key ” .

Even, a few territory are confined to Silicon Valley to count the VC inside kilometer radius to also begin to undertake making an on-the-spot investigation in China. For instance, dedicated lived one year in Beijing at the Paul Koontz of Foudation Capital copartner of information science and technology in order to study Chinese market. Manage the capital of 1.3 billion dollar, August Capital that pays close attention to inchoate company, its member David Hornik2007 year made an on-the-spot investigation 10 days in China, and the Gary Brisge of Horsley Bridge president that invests fund technically also quarter at China.

Know without how many person, a few investor had regarded the 2nd birthplace as Shanghai.

Gary Rieschel2005 year Cong Qiming is achieved cast start begin up to now, had lived in China even more 3 years, he still tries to record the life that is in Shanghai with rich guest. Before period of time, he tells a reporter, the colleague John Zagula that has lived two years in China will return the United States, and new American fellow worker also will come very quickly.

Open bright achieve cast president Gary Rieschel to know the gram in carat Mu 20 years, to its Chinese travel also expresses approve of. “ Dick is here, can bring more accredit. Approve especially when trading. ”

Go up somehow it seems that, those different region invest the home more and more will love to stay in China. When accepting our newspaper to interview, mulike draws out carat to give a notebook from the contented in the pocket, above already calendar of a year arranged cram 2008. He will go back and forth between Shanghai, Menluopake and Maryland ceaselessly, end till a year.
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