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Inferior fill investment: Do investment adviser the first round most satisfy a c
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Inferior fill investment: Do investment adviser the first round most satisfy a craving

Origin: Author: Stand originallyTime: 2008-10-27Tag: Click: In mainland new-style cast a bound, ” of “ industry focusing is the company such as gold of Yi Kai, country, Chinese manage it seems that is general and politic.

But review inferior the law case that fills investment to had been done, have the China study net that teachs an industry, international of fruit of the state message science and technology that has TMT industry, oak, leisurely inspects a net, the thunder that also has traditional manufacturing industry person illume, the Xinuodisi that still food divides sell course of study, find the shadow of ” of “ industry focusing very hard it seems that.

Inferior fill investment to held water 2002, it is course of study of a state-owend enterprise in devoting oneself to to be and do one's best the company that in China the international transnational corporation of patulous business offers venture capital investment and financial and advisory service.

Had experienced 2000 Internet foamy wool Ou Jianli is inferior the author that fills investment. Review has experienced failure case, she thinks, because entrepreneur itself gave problem ” ,“ is more very.

The key is to choose entrepreneur
“ we do not have limitation to the industry, basically be to choose a person. ” wool Ou Jianli thinks, be in China such developing country, travel travel can give Number One Scholar, the key sees investment just be mixed cast have all right incapable find Number One Scholar, whether for appreciation of Number One Scholar.

Be in inferior in filling the case that has done, because took a fancy to a person first,“ great majority is, just go helping the ” of industry financing.

Thunder person illume is among them.

In October 2005, thunder person illume experiences partner dispute, final and additional two old partner are removed endowment, bring about crisis of catenary of occurrence capital of thunder person illume.

Christmas eve, wool Ou Jianli prepares to answer the United States, through Jian of force of a friend when Guangdong she sees Wu Changjiang of president of thunder person illuminative.

The first time meet, individual glamour of Wu Changjiang makes wool Ou Jianli impressive.

Giant and stable sale channel is because of,thunder person illume is able to want of rapid development. The fact later makes clear, also be investment business a bit what value more special.

And go up in the maintenance of the development of sale channel and stability, what Wu Changjiang adopts is the gimmick of “ win-win ” : Agency joins in, lei Shi does not close not only join in cost, and the expenses with return allowance certain, return benefit according to sales volume; Later, lei Shi cancelled what be a standard with sales volume to return benefit, the allowance to agency and link up with of its employee number, make agency change small shop run by couple to manage mode, undertake the company is changed run, raise management level. The method of allowance of this kind of personnel still is holding to today, the allowance that some agency take every months with discount form amounts to ten yuan. These gimmick enhanced the enthusiasm of agency greatly.
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