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Chinese larch opens Ming Saifu to go to Nanjing wind together to cast as intimat
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Chinese larch opens Ming Saifu to go to Nanjing wind together to cast as intimate as growing enterprise contact

Origin: Author: Stand originallyTime: 2008-10-27Tag: Click: “ wind casts a company to be able to bring money to the enterprise only. Such ” word lets wind cast a company very ill-affected, they say, besides money, wind is cast still can bring the content with valuable more.

The wind that ” of capital of “ Chinese larch is global tip casts a company, its president Zhang Saijian says: “ our oneself has done poineering work, know the hardships of the person that do poineering work, even if have 1 only or the poineering project of 2 people, chinese larch also can pay close attention to. When the company such as song of cereal of Chinese larch investment, Yahoo, Cisco, they are 1 person or 2 people companies. ” in addition, the enterprise that Chinese larch still can invest to place seeks more cooperative opportunities, they can find the controller of 500 strong companies of world with 2 phones.

“ is opened bright achieve cast Kuang Ziping of ” virgin copartner to say, to small company, their meeting help makes development strategy; Bigger to dimensions company, they can be helped build financial management, still can use open bright abroad resource, help company exit.

Virgin copartner Fu Lei says Chinese ivy capital, after all the business that wind casts a company to contact is more, can help place invest an enterprise to develop eye shot, they helped an enterprise search controller of research and development.

“ has an enterprise to say to us, newly established period needs money very much, wind is cast do not come, development rose now even dry what does wind cast. I tell them, wind casts what can do to still have a lot of. Capital of ” discipline source invests copartner to say at establishing a peak, they invested an enterprise to perfect channel construction with respect to the side, make on the development of the enterprise new chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position.

The high growing science and technology of the our city achieves new-style enterprise, contacted ” intimately with “ of 8 famous company of venture capital investment yesterday, what offer platform to them is " 21 centuries economy reports " with city classics appoint growing enterprise casts the “21 century that sponsors jointly growing enterprise of meeting and Nanjing recommends financing peak meeting ” .

Grow as the our city model the “ ogle ” that enterprise and wind cast a company, a vigor 4 ejaculation force, will aid those who push structure of our city industry to adjust.

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