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Oriental I: The blame typical case of Peng Xiaofeng and Shi Zhengrong is success
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Oriental I: The blame typical case of Peng Xiaofeng and Shi Zhengrong is successful

Origin: Author: Stand originallyTime: 2008-10-27Tag: Click: On the ” of a list of names posted up of rich and powerful people of energy of “2008 introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad embellish that just releases, peng Xiaofeng (27 billion yuan) with Shi Zhengrong (19 billion yuan) before still be being resided high two, they part the Jiangxi contest peace keeping of in control of does not have Xi Shangde, with China enterprise of tycoon of two solar energy is public heat to discuss for a time.

Peng applies 2 people to belong to ——— of two kinds of different styles one is 30 come year old young groups small, the · of father ” Martin that one is solar energy of winner of award of environment of Er of Shi Congnuo shellfish, “ homecoming doctor of Glyn; One comes from wilderness, one is expert one's previous experience; Former do raw material of solar energy upper reaches, latter does terminal of solar energy industry; Of course, one of their common features are, can tell a fluent English.

Two people another collective place is, what fortune accumulates speed is fast acclaim as the peak of perfection making a person. The Shang De that do not have stannum from 2001 hold water first, place is handed in to appear on the market in button to the end of 2005, last a period of time is not worth 5 years. Jiangxi surpasses dimension to hold water from July 2005, land button to hand in place to June 2007, used be less than two years of time.

Shi Zhengrong and Peng Xiaofeng, the birth of rich and powerful people of these two super energy, although have its inevitability, for instance setting of former scientist of the sources of energy, latter olfactory is exceeding and acute. However these elemental compose do not become 2 people the sufficient condition ——— of a new force suddenly rises does not have enterprise seat government at the outset support energetically and force platoon is numerous difficult, shang Dehe surpasses dimension at least so won't successful. They are influence protects classic case two cases when drive next civilian look forward to to grow at full speed.

The wonderful part of Shang De case depends on, government with administrative command mode, innovate to civilian look forward to on mechanism of venture capital investment with supporting ——— energetically national endowment becomes a shareholder to be pushed with the key to Shang De, national endowment is exited clear away an obstacle to appear on the market again. Of Yang Weize of secretary of the municipal Party committee that do not have stannum make known one's position blunt: “ if a country has 3 units, an an an enterprise, government, institution, can choose two word only at the same time, so we can choose enterprise and government only, and won't go choosing that institution. Why? Because the government wants to rely on an enterprise, the enterprise is taxpayer. ”
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