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Hatch implement 2 edition: Company of science and technology does poineering wor
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Hatch implement 2 edition: Company of science and technology does poineering work " accelerator "

Origin: Author: Stand originallyTime: 2008-10-27Tag: Click: Hatch of enterprise of science and technology implement, once had helped countless Scientists and Technologists of Shanghai, turn poineering dream into reality. If say, help poineering dream “ defeat housing ” , it is hatch implement “1.0 edition ” of the function, so in hatch of enterprise of Shanghai science and technology implement during holding water 20 years, we must consider, it did not develop direction where? On the commemorative forum that held yesterday, the expert thinks, quicken the core of ” to do poineering work around “ , hatch implement service function still has very big extend a space.

After antenna is forward outspread

In traditional idea, poineering hatch implement with the relation between the enterprise, it is the battalion that “ iron hits dish the arms ” of running water. The company came, give a service, graduated, from now on “ good-bye ” . But look in Duan Junhu of vice director of center of torch of ministry of science and technology, hatch implement around of OK and active “ hits out ” . For example, aggrandizement “ beforehand hatch ” process, the analysis that raises ” of pair of poineering “ seed or “ seedling ” judges ability, be opposite through strengthening the survey of the project, textual research, choose, rise to be stationed in hatch implement the successful rate of the enterprise.

Be like again, after the enterprise graduates, often can be in settle of a few new and high areas, and hatch implement mix not only there is very good communication mechanism between new and high area, be familiar with company condition again. If develop an advantage adequately to offer a variety of support service, can go up in poineering road, help an enterprise up again one Cheng.

“ part ” but diversification

Hatch implement part, often be defined to be ” of “ poineering baby-sitter. Actually still many new roles can try, through by hatch implement reach its to manage group individual contributive share, build small venture capital investment, having the advantage that average venture capital investment cannot be likened to.

Expert analysis, those who be in poineering initial stage in brood enterprise, its development is put in a lot of not certain factors. If,the wind of pure business property is cast intended, must wait to prospect of the ability of research and development of the enterprise, market do many survey argumentation, personnel, time, energy is used up big, more or less did these objective reasons restrict wind to cast the interest that the company invests to small company. And in brood the enterprise is comprised by technical personnel more, operation ability mixes devoid capital to cast communication skill with wind, also can affect the successful rate that strives for wind to cast.
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