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IDG hand grasps 1.5 billion dollar to wait for investment Internet winter is inn
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IDG hand grasps 1.5 billion dollar to wait for investment Internet winter is inning

Origin: Author: Stand originallyTime: 2008-10-27Tag: Click: On October 23 afternoon message, standing vice-president holds IDG whole world concurrently Xiong Xiaoge of Asian division president attends Chinese commerce Internet 10 years in Beijing now when cacique peak is met, express, be in harmony of IDG not long ago arrives 1.5 billion dollar, have not begin investment. When Internet “ hibernate diffuses by ” , xiong Xiaoge hopes to lend this hearten the confidence of a batch of person that do poineering work.
“ is in the cash in commerce king, in prospective development, each person wants to find his right profit pattern, make him gain is done in China big. The dispute that does Internet often values this future, be in harmony of just right of our IDG company 1.5 billion dollar, had not cast, internet of hope the next can appear in 10 years more surprise. ” Xiong Xiaoge says.

Zhu Hailong of president of network of good Ye ad also attended this conference now, he answers recall to obtain Xiong Xiaoge to invest Shi Xiaodao before 2000: “ at the outset we are not to know financing especially, add Xiong Xiaoge they can chop valence quite, take the share of a lot of good Ye with particularly low price later. ”

Zhu Hailong also affirmed highly in those days the importance that that investment develops to good Ye: If “ does not have that money, our company is nonexistent. Xiao Ge gave very crucial support, let us cross the Internet cold winter that controlled 2002. ”

Xiong Xiaoge also by industry praise it is a venture capital investment to introduce the first person of Chinese. When his not long ago accepts special interview of sina science and technology, ever expressed, financial storm is not great to IDG business effect, but the likelihood includes to make investor skill more careful. On certain level, internet winter is the inning of investment actually.