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Venture capital investment invests careful choice the industry
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Venture capital investment invests careful choice the industry

Origin: Author: Stand originallyTime: 2008-10-27Tag: Click: RiskInvestmentWill careful choice investsIndustry—— dialog Chinese larchCapitalChinaCopartnerShen Napeng

 Collective attentionThe United StatesFinanceThe crisis

Compere: NowInternationalThere is a kind of view on, saying China is the port of this crisis, fromRiskInvestmentbe in light of angle such?

Shen Napeng: The impact that should tell China to suffer between this banking crisis is less, but I believe this effect is very distinct also, be in especially certain industry, export an industry for instance, the industry that perhaps concerns with high spending with house property for instance can be affected for certain.

Compere: Is venture capital investment also a victim among this crisis?

Shen Napeng: We are victims, but our impact is relatively a bit less, such financial seismic sea wave can make for certain today we a few investmentEnterpriseAppear on the marketTime is affected, but if be high grade enterprise, after I believe a few years, they still can be approbated by investor, they can be landed with better value in those daysThe stock market.

Compere: The person that it is these venture capital investment of the representing with you people be pessimism to the anticipation of the market, and the company is fast now need money is used, should appear on the market so or want method appears on the market.

Shen Napeng: Wall streetThis machine came up against very big operation trouble, very important is credit system inside breakdown, whenBankDo not be willing enterprise, perhaps giveFundWhen offerring credit, the foundation of whole operation may have disappeared. Telling a lot of fund for instance is to rely on to invest a few lever of the bank to undertake so called stock invests. Below the circumstance that loses almost in this lever, these investor had the interest to fair collect fund, below this kind of circumstance, I believe future everybody can return a few months at 0 o'clock, be in debt oneself after keeping clear of, ability is new light start off, this needs for some time to digest.

Compere: To venture capital investment, because the money of venture capital investment is not the money of themselves, come from other place collect however, when giving crisis of cash be in harmony, they can these money redemptive?

Shen Napeng: This is about to see venture capital investment from the back the origin of these fund, its origin basically is long term fund, compare big money, still have the money that is foundation. Of whole fund dispersive and special strong. It is so among general trends wave
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